Leading the Way in Infectious Disease Diagnostics

We are committed to providing innovative solutions for diagnosing infectious diseases and aim to increase the availability of high-quality vaccines in order to combat infectious diseases globally. We have developed ELISA and PCR kits, and rapid tests for infectious diseases including Hepatitis E – a disease we are committed to combat using Hecolin®, the world’s first vaccine for Hepatitis E, developed by our subsidiary Innovax.

Along with the spreading global pandemic of COVID-19, countries around the world have been struggling to diagnose and control this disease in time. Xiamen University and Wantai have jointly developed innovative, highly sensitive and specific serological and molecular assays for testing of Covid-19.

Innovative Diagnostic Solutions

We are specialised in manufacturing diagnostic tests for infectious diseases  – as well as manufacturing – clinical chemistry and quality control materials. We develop and manufacture ELISA, Rapid Tests, PCR, CLIA and confirmation tests. Find out more about our products here.

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