DCVMN Members Greet WHO Director General

Executives of the Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network had the opportunity to greet Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO Director General. The international group uniting 40 vaccine manufacturers, from 15 developing countries and territories, supply millions of WHO prequalified vaccines doses to UNICEF, PAHO, and other agencies. They told Dr. Chan about their recent efforts to build a tailored programme to strengthen the quality management systems of manufacturers in developing countries, improving prequalification of needed vaccines to protect people against infectious diseases globally. “This is a nascent effort to generate new synergies and strong cooperation between developing countries industry and governments with the goal to eliminate diseases”, said Mr. Suhardono, DCVMN President.

They also congratulated the World Health Organization for the achievement of 3 years Polio-free India and the certification of South East Asia Region, officially announced last week. They renewed their commitment to support all WHO initiatives to achieve and maintain a world free of vaccine preventable diseases for future generations.

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