Automated Immunoassays

Automated Immunoassays

Wantai Caris 200 and Wan 200+ are based on acridinium ester label direct chemiluminescence. The systems are fully automated, high-throughput, intelligent and efficient.

Caris 200 (download brochure) was introduced in 2014 an it is now installed at more than 1000 hospitals. Wan 200+ (download brochure) is a modular design system with one central control unit and up to 4 independent analytical modules, the platform was launched in 2020.  Both systems offer a tests menu of over 100 parameters.



COVID-19 Tests:

* Total Antibody  CE

* IgG Antibody  CE

* Neutralizing Antibodies  CE

CE marked tests: 

Infectious diseases: HAV-Ab, HAV-IgM, HEV-IgG, HEV-IgM, Syphilis- Ab.

Others: C-Peptide, C IV, CK-MB, cTnI, cTnT, Ferritin, FT3, FT4, HA, Hs-CRP, IL-6, LN, Myo, NBNP, PCT, PIIINP, TB-IGRA, TG, TG-Ab, TPO-Ab, TSH, TT3, TT4.

wdt_ID Category Assay Info
1 Infectious Diseases HAV-Ab
3 HBsAg High Sensitive (Qnt.)
4 HBsAb (Qnt.)
5 HBeAg
6 HBeAg (Qnt.)
7 HBeAb
8 HBeAb (Qnt.)
9 HBcAb
10 HBcAb (Qnt.)
Category Assay Info

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